Podcast: Virtual Selling and the Omnichannel Journey

How can #virtualselling result in higher customer engagement? Ben Rodier, our Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer shared his Salesfloor journey with DELIVERING ECOMMERCE’s Chris Parsons. 📈

They talk about the omnichannel journey that’s digitized the customer shopping experience and highlight the retailers who have implemented effective virtual selling tools, to boost their online conversion rates.💰 They go on to discuss the importance of mirroring standard of procedures in the retail environment, as well as the digital space and highlight the growing opportunities for online customer engagement.

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Drive Store Traffic & Sell Virtually Across all Channels

Retailers like Chico’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are leveraging Salesfloor to overcome challenges in the retail industry such as decreased store traffic and the lack of personalized customer service online.

Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor shares their stories in video below.

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The Changing Role of Store Associates

Join Salesfloor and Ben Bridge/Pandora as they discuss the changing role of store associates and explore how critical trends in conversational sales, intelligent recommendations, and data-driven personalization are the competitive advantage in the future of retail.

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Retail Is Your Business

For the first time, e-commerce will not just be a channel for transactions – people can now actually browse and shop online, just like they did in-store. On “Retail Is Your Business” podcast, Ben Rodier (Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor) shares how the company offers a mobile application platform designed for store associates so they can personalize each interaction with consumers, whether that’s in-store, online, on social – any channel, helping clients get a 10x lift in online conversions and 47% increase in average order values, compared to traditional e-commerce metrics. Salesfloor is enabling store associates to go virtual where consumers are met on retailer and brand websites by an associate from a local store near the consumer and can help guide the shopping experience by offering product / apparel recommendations, can demo items via live video chat, etc.


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When COVID hit, the way consumers shopped changed in many ways, mainly the surge it caused for online commerce.

Thinking back to when going to instore stores was a thing no one thought twice about, what made that in-store experience so great? The vibe, the energy, the fact that sales associate gave intel and advice, hooked customers up with cheaper options or discounts. Sometimes, it was simply nice for customers to discuss products with someone who understands them.

In this podcast, host Pat Perdue asks, “what if there was a way to bring that in-store experience to your home, so that you can still shop with your favorite associate?” He interviews Salesfloor’s Oscar Sachs about how Salesfloor makes this happen.


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Salesfloor 2021 Roadmap

As reported in Chain Store Age and Women Wear’s Daily (WWD) article, retailers using Salesfloor drove up to 50% more sales on Black Friday 2020 compared to Black Friday 2019. Virtual and in-store appointments have also surged, with retailers seeing a 1025% increase in virtual and in-store appointments booked via Salesfloor.
The online shopping trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with 2020 proving to be the year of clienteling and virtual selling. More retailers have partnered Salesfloor in 2020 than any other year before to bridge the online-offline service gap, including Ben Bridge, Cos Bar, Buckle, and more.
Salesfloor consolidates clienteling, virtual selling, live events, and all features retailers need today on a single platform.  We continue to bring new, innovative features to help retailers elevate the omnichannel experience. These are some of the must-have features for a post-pandemic reality that Salesfloor is delivering in 2021.
Virtual Appointments

Help customers shop with their local stores by offering convenient and secure video consultations with in-store product experts.

  • Integrated video conferencing functionality into Salesfloor’s existing appointment management module.
  • Video meeting link automatically embedded in appointment invite for secure one-to-one meeting room.


Store Associates create localized in-store or virtual events for customers. Empower associates to drive traffic to stores and create engaging online customer experiences through events.

  • Each store creates personalized events for their customers.
  • Customers receive invitations through all Salesfloor channels like e-mail, text message or social media.

RSVPs can be managed and reported for each event.

Live Streaming

Associates reach a broad audience with livestream events. Customers can watch livestreams or view a re-stream of real-life experts.

  • Associates record or live stream video events.
  • Live streaming can be viewed on the retailer’s e-commerce site and all Salesfloor customer-facing touchpoints.
  • Re-stream videos can be shared with customers via e-mail, text message or social media.



While in a chat/video consultation, customers share their screen with an associate to co-browse the retailer’s e-commerce site for a premium guided selling experience.

  • Integrated screenshare into Salesfloor’s Live Chat/Video functionality.
  • Associates can recommend products as they browse the site with the customer.


Lead Automation

When online customers reach out to local store associates for help, capture valuable customer intent and preference data so associates can make better recommendations.

  • Custom dynamic form fields and messaging bots capture customer needs.
  • Incoming leads have enhanced routing to the appropriate associate.

Lead Capture Automation - Chatbot


Smart Tasks

Create dynamic rules that detect selling opportunities and customer propensity to buy. Automatically notify associates of the best time to reach out to their customers and make personalized recommendations.

  • Easy-to-build task rules engine.
  • Intelligent rules based on transaction history, browsing history, customer attributes, digital conversations, and third-party data.


Basket Builder

Associates build a cart of recommended products that link customers directly to the e-commerce shopping cart for a convenient online checkout experience.

  • Associates add a basket of products to cart and assign to new or existing customer.
  • Embedded link in text message, live chat or e-mail integrates with retailer’s e-commerce platform to automatically populate shopping cart.