Salesfloor Virtual Selling

Capture and Engage Online Shoppers

Give your online customers immediate access to a local store associate and provide the same personalized experience they receive in store. Customers reach out to a local store or associate directly from the retailer’s e-commerce site. Associates receive incoming requests through the Salesfloor app and offer immediate, real-time assistance to online shoppers.

Salesfloor Connect™

Enable online customers to connect with a local store associate in real-time directly from any page on your e-commerce site.

Online shoppers initiate conversations through video, live chat, e-mail or text messaging. Smart routing ensures customers connect with local stores.

Virtual and In-Store Appointments

Offer the convenience of scheduled appointments in store, over the phone, via live chat or video calling.

Customers can request appointments through Salesfloor Connect or associates manage appointments using the Salesfloor app. Appointment notifications are communicated to customers via text message, live chat, or e-mail.

1025% YoY increase in 2020 virtual consultations


Create and manage your own virtual or in-store events and invite groups of customers via e-mail or text message.

Associates create an event information page and manage RSVPs directly in the Salesfloor app. They can also host livestream events and share clickable product images with attendees.


Customers shop online with a local store associate on their Storefront for top recommended items and access to interactive shopping tools.

Storefronts drive incremental sales and traffic by enabling customers to shop with a known and trusted product expert while viewing their recommended products.

Virtual Co-Shopping

Customers share their screen with an associate as they shop together in real-time. 

Associates provide real-time recommendations and assistance as they navigate the website together on a single screen.