Total Experience
Shopping for
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The world’s most comprehensive, all-in-one virtual shopping, clienteling and sales automation solution—designed for home furnishings retailers.

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An exceptional solution, trusted by
exceptional brands.

Salesfloor has been revolutionizing the online shopping experience for almost a decade, leading notable home furnishings brands to better conversions, higher AOVs, and improved customer experiences around the world.


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Learn how Salesfloor helped furniture retailer, Relax The Back, personalize the customer experience throughout the entire client journey–including the ones that begin online. Communicating with the client online and nurturing that relationship helps drive clients to the store where they can touch and try out the products. After implementing Salesfloor, the home furnishings brand saw an additional $27 in in-store for every dollar of sale that occurs online via Salesfloor.

Say Goodbye to Multiple Virtual Selling Apps

Are your associates tired of utilizing multiple apps for virtual selling? Our platform offers an all-in-one solution with home retailers in mind, allowing for customer insights, live chat, personalized storefronts and more–all available with the click of a button. Salesfloor removes the need to manage multiple contracts and budget spends, all while giving your associates their time back and providing credit where it’s due.

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Let’s Get Social

Connect in-store associates with online customers, no matter their preferred method of communication. Now, customers can access expert advice via live chat, video calling or SMS–whether looking for the perfect couch, bed or desk. By providing virtual shopping experiences, customers can have their questions answered in real time by experts, driving more traffic to your stores.

Learn how leading enterprise home furnishings brands are expanding their physical stores into the digital space with omnichannel clienteling

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Always be Available with Dynamic Routing

Picture this: your associate is helping a client in-store, but there is also an online customer in need of assistance. Dynamic routing ensures online customers always get an answer by expanding the store radius to find available furniture consultants in other locations. Now, you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell! 

Did we Mention
That we are Modular?

Our modular approach gets you started in weeks and helps you scale for years.

Turn Customer Insights into Profits

Salesfloor’s integration with CRM and ERP systems provides associates with in-depth customer knowledge, such as purchase history and shopping activities online and in-store. Give your associates the power to succeed by recommending the right product, for the right customer, at the right time–everytime.

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Experience the Power of Total Experience Shopping for Home Furnishings

With Salesfloor, enterprise home furnishing retailers have seen dramatic bumps in average order value (AOV), increased online conversions, higher sales, and tripled customer contacts.

Drive In-Store Traffic with Appointment Bookings

By utilizing the appointment booking tool, customers can select a time to chat with their favorite in-store experts on the spot. Choose the most convenient time and location—whether in-store or online. With a click of a button, they’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation. Thanks to appointment booking, you never have to worry about driving in-store traffic again!

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Shop Alongside the Experts who Know Furniture Best

With Storefronts, furniture associates are able to curate their favourite home furnishings products on a shoppable page within your website. When combined with Eventing, customers can purchase the products they see demonstrated during live stream events, or via social selling, and their purchases are attributed to the store and associate. 

Experience the Power of Total Experience
Shopping for Furniture Retailers
and achieving
dramatic bumps in average order value (AOV)
increased online conversions, higher sales,
and tripled customer contacts.

Build 1:1 Relationships with Innovative Outreach Channels

Leverage your in-store product experts as a digital outreach channel to anticipate customer needs, build trust, and increase opportunities to cross and upsell via one-to-one, or one-to-many marketing channels. Utilize associate relationships by having them send branded marketing collateral by email or SMS to multiple customers, and watch as open rates soar by over 100%

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Supercharge Sales with Automated Tasking

Task automation helps associates stay in touch with customers for in-stock reminders and new collection releases. Whether scheduling an appointment, or a new hot product alert, task automation allows for continued 1:1 engagement or upselling opportunities.