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Immersive Virtual Shopping for Sporting Goods Retailers

Differentiate your online shopping experience by connecting online customers with local sales associates to guide them towards the best gear for their needs.

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Create a winning immersive virtual shopping experience for sporting goods customers

Salesfloor helps sporting goods retailers to transform their e-commerce sites into immersive virtual shopping destinations.

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Learn How Leading Sporting Good Retailers are Leveraging Tech to Take Their Physical Stores into the Digital Space

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Virtual Shopping

Give online customers the benefit of your in-store associates’ expertise in a variety of ways. For fast help with online shopping, customers can take quizzes that will help them narrow down the choices and find the best fit for their needs.

For customers who want more, live chat lets them connect with an available associate close to them to get more details or answers to specific questions.

From there, they can finish their purchase and determine where and how they will receive their new sporting goods.

  • LIVE CHAT enables customers comparison shopping to talk with a local in-store product expert in real time.
  • CO-BROWSING lets sales associates guide online customers through your e-commerce website to the best equipment, shoes, and apparel for their needs.
  • APPOINTMENT BOOKING lets customers book in-store or virtual consultations with local sporting goods  associates.
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Leverage your in-store sporting goods experts as a digital outreach channel and delight customers when you anticipate their needs by reaching out to remind them of promotions and new products that are important to them.

  • HELP a hockey mom get the best deal on next season’s equipment for her little sports star
  • REMIND an avid runner to pick up a new pair of shoes so they can keep up momentum while training.
  • FOLLOW UP with a customer to recommend products or bundles related to a recent purchase

Learn how sporting goods retailers are leveraging technology to create a Total Experience that bridges the gap between the in-store and online experience.

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Sales Automation

Task automation and AI powered chat helps sporting goods retailers to connect with online customers and help them find the perfect apparel and gear to shine on whichever field of play they call home.

  • TASK AUTOMATION helps your associates to build trust and stay connected with customers year round while also growing sales.
  • SMART AI listens and learns from customers and displays messages inviting them to chat which they will appreciate, increasing likelihood of conversion.
  • STYLE QUIZZES help unassisted customers find the right products at the right price without the help of a sales associate online.