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Learn how Salesfloor helped Peruvian Connection drive a 4X conversion rate increase in the first 30 days of implementation. Further, discover how the solution empowered associates to serve customers both online and in-store, creating a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

Seamlessly Connect with Online Customers

In-store associates and digital sellers can seamlessly connect with online customers, regardless of their preferred method of communication. Customers can now access expert advice through live chat, video calling, or SMS, whether they’re in search of the perfect outfit for a special occasion or simply looking for a new pair of everyday sneakers. By providing virtual shopping experiences, you can ensure that your customers’ queries are addressed in real-time, driving more traffic to your stores.

Learn how Salesfloor has helped connect sales associates from the world’s largest retailers to their customers shopping from home.

Maximize your Sales Potential with Automated Task Management

Task automation helps apparel associates stay in touch with customers for restock reminders and consultation follow-ups, ensuring customers never miss the perfect styling opportunity. Whether scheduling a collection drop reminder, or a new hot product alert, task automation allows for continued 1:1 engagement or upselling opportunities, while providing credit where credit is due to each associate.

Instantly Book In-Store and Virtual Appointments

By utilizing the appointment booking tool, customers can select a time to chat with their favorite apparel experts on the spot. Choose the most convenient time and location—whether in-store or online. With a click of a button, they’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation. Thanks to appointment booking, you never have to worry about driving in-store traffic again!

The only platform to unify virtual shopping, clienteling and AI assisted selling capabilities in one enterprise grade platform.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Dynamic Routing

Worried your staff is too busy helping in-store customers to take on additional tasks? Dynamic routing ensures online customers always get an answer by expanding the store radius to find available associates in other nearby locations.

Shop Alongside Associates: The Original Influencers

With Storefronts, associates are able to curate their favorite products on a shoppable page within your website. When combined with Eventing, customers can purchase the products they see demonstrated during live stream events, or via social selling, and their purchases are attributed to the store and associate.

Unleash the Power of Customer Insights to Supercharge Your Business

Salesfloor’s integration with CRM and ERP systems provides associates with in-depth customer knowledge, such as purchase history and shopping activities. Give your associates the power to succeed by recommending the right product, for the right customer, at the right time—everytime.

“Salesfloor helps our Stylists advance our clienteling efforts and digitize the retail experience across our brands, to deliver a Most Amazing Personal Service.”

— Ann Joyce, Chief Customer Officer & EVP of Technology, Chico’s

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