Salesfloor Engage™

Enhance the Customer’s Omnichannel Experience

Salesfloor Engage bridges the online-offline service gap by enabling associates to serve customers in a personalized way both in-store and online. The in-store collaborative environment is extended to all online shoppers, for a seamless customer experience.

Book Appointments on Demand

By utilizing the appointment booking tool, customers can select a time to chat with their favorite associates on the spot. Choose the most convenient time and location—whether in-store or online. With a click of a button, they’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation. Thanks to appointment booking, you never have to worry about driving in-store traffic again!

salesfloor engage 1
salesfloor engage 2

Shop Alongside the Original Influencers

With Storefronts, associates are able to curate their favorite products on a shoppable page within your website. When combined with Eventing, customers can purchase the products they see demonstrated during live stream events, and their purchases are attributed to the store and expert specialists.

Personalized LookBooks for your VIP Customers

Provide your VIP customers with a personalized board of recommendations that can be easily shared with family and friends for decision input, while interacting seamlessly with their favorite associate and purchase with a click. 

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