Salesfloor Unveils Maestro AI: The Conversational AI Associate for Digital Commerce

Salesfloor launches new solution for customer engagement with real-life autonomous conversations, resulting in 20% sales lift and 40% lower returns.

Salesfloor, the retail industry’s leading customer engagement platform, is thrilled to announce its much-anticipated launch of Maestro AI™, an AI Associate trained for real-life autonomous conversations on almost any e-commerce site or product category, engineered for a personalized brand experience and conversion.

Maestro AI™ represents a groundbreaking leap in customer engagement technology by seamlessly integrating natural conversations and visual browsing in the online shopping experience. Powered by Salesfloor’s proprietary Shopping Intelligence, Maestro AI™ sets the stage for personalized and accurate recommendations, driving measurable lift in sales and customer loyalty.

“Maestro AI™ is a game-changer for retailers who struggle to provide online sales assistance and accurate 1-to-1 product recommendations to their customers,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “Our AI associate for digital commerce uses Shopping Intelligence to develop real-life autonomous conversations, seamlessly replicating the personalized service of in-store product experts for online customers. This demonstrates our commitment to revolutionizing the retail sales experience by combining the human connection with the power of AI.”

Key features of Salesfloor’s Maestro AI™ include:

Natural & Autonomous Conversations: Maestro AI™ utilizes ChatGPT Large Language Model trained on real product expert and customer conversation data to engage in dynamic conversations with customers, providing personalized assistance and recommendations tailored to their preferences.

Dynamic Visual Browsing: Maestro AI™ enhances the shopping experience with dynamic visual browsing capabilities, providing a natural experience for shoppers to visually browse products and make buying decisions.

Hyper-Personalized Recommendations: Maestro AI™ analyzes available customer data to deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations, driving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Site Personalization: Maestro AI™ provides post-conversation product badging, allowing web shoppers to know which products are a match while browsing a retailer’s website.

Maestro AI™ expands on Salesfloor’s existing customer engagement platform, which is trusted by some of the largest brands in retail, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, GNC, PUMA, and many more. With its innovative approach to customer engagement, Maestro AI™ was launched to revolutionize the retail landscape and set new standards for personalized shopping experiences.

Salesfloor will be showcasing Maestro AI™ at ShopTalk (Booth #2002) from March 17th to 20th. Attendees can book a meeting here for live presentations and demonstrations of Maestro AI’s capabilities. For more information about Maestro AI™ and Salesfloor’s comprehensive suite of retail solutions, visit

About Salesfloor:

Salesfloor is a customer engagement platform that enables stores and e-commerce to drive more conversations and recommendations with shoppers seamlessly across channels for more sales and loyalty. Designed for enterprise retail, Salesfloor unifies Virtual Shopping, Clienteling and Conversational AI. Leading brands such as PUMA, Saks Fifth Avenue, GNC and Fabletics use Salesfloor to create over $4 Billion (USD) in sales & over 500 Million customer interactions per year.