Salesfloor Connect

Capture and Engage Online Shoppers

Give your online customers immediate access to local store associates or digital sellers and provide the same personalized experience they receive in-store. Customers reach out to a local store or associate directly from your e-commerce site. Associates receive incoming requests through the Salesfloor app and offer immediate, real-time assistance to online shoppers.

Connect to all Generations with Live Chat, Video, and SMS

Catering to the diverse communication preferences of customers is crucial for building strong relationships. If your associates are not available  through their favorite method of communication…they’ll be long gone. Offering multiple communication channels beyond traditional phone calls can help you connect with customers who may have different preferences.

With Salesfloor Connect, customers are geolocated to their local stores and are just a click away and can be easily accessible via live chat, video, and SMS. This enables online shoppers to connect with your associates through their preferred communication method, and receive real-time assistance from experts. By providing virtual shopping experiences through these channels, ultimately boosting engagement and driving more traffic to your physical stores.

Capture New Leads with Ticketing

Salesfloor’s ticketing system not only provides a convenient solution for busy customers, but it also has the added benefit of capturing new leads. By allowing customers to submit inquiries, Salesfloor enables store associates to engage with potential customers and provide personalized recommendations that can turn them into loyal shoppers. With Salesfloor’s innovative ticketing system, stores can create new opportunities to expand their customer base and drive growth.

Always be Available with Dynamic Routing

Picture this: your associate is helping a client in-store, but there is also an online customer in need of assistance. Dynamic routing ensures online customers always get an answer by expanding the store radius to find available store associates in other locations. Now, you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell!

More Conversations & Recommendations, More Sales & Loyalty

Sales Tracking & Attribution

 By providing associates and stores with proper credit for their sales, Salesfloor empowers them to take ownership of their online customer interactions and drive sales growth. Get real-time insights into the performance of your engagement campaigns with Salesfloor’s Sales Tracking & Attribution capabilities. Measure the impact of your customer interactions, outreach, and impact on store sales.

Integrated Product Catalogs

With Salesfloor’s Integrated Product Catalogs, retailers can provide their sales associates with access to real-time product information and inventory data. This enables sales associates to deliver a personalized shopping experience to their customers and recommend products that meet their needs.


From customizable dashboards to real-time updates, Salesfloor’s reporting tools give retailers the power to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and stay ahead of the competition. With Salesfloor, retailers can make data-driven decisions that drive revenue and customer loyalty.