Enhance the Customer’s Omnichannel Experience

Salesfloor Clienteling bridges the online-offline service gap by enabling associates to serve customers in a personalized way both in-store and online. The in-store collaborative environment is extended to all online shoppers, for a seamless customer experience.

Customer Insights

Associates have a comprehensive view of their customers’ information at their fingertips.

Customer transaction history, statistics and attributes are accessed by associates to anticipate customer needs and provide personalized service in-store and online.

Smart Tasks for Clienteling

Dynamic rules help associates detect selling opportunities and predict future customer purchase decisions.

Associates are notified when to reach out to customers with personalized clienteling outreach. Associates are empowered to engage with customers across any channel with the right message and at the right time.

 $27 in incremental sales/task executed (based on $150 basket size)

Email, SMS and Social Outreach

Leverage associates to engage customers in real conversations and drive both in-store traffic and online sales.

Salesfloor enables 2-way conversations across video, live chat, e-mail, text and social media. In-store and online sales are tracked for sales credit attribution.

 100 customers served/associate per week

Customer Management

Associates capture new customers in-store along with their buying data and subscriber opt-ins.

Customer data is captured in compliance with privacy regulations. Managers can create segmented lists of customers using segment tags.

Customer Boards

Associates create and update personalized Customer Boards, or Lookbook pages, to send to individual customers.

Items included in the Customer Board are personally curated according to past conversations and customer data obtained through the Salesfloor platform.