Salesfloor’s New Post-COVID Bundle Helps Stores Re-Open and Bridge the Gap to Online Shopping

New bundle provides retailers with essential functionalities to serve online customers with live voice and video chat, text messaging and new appointment/event management.

New York, NY – June 25, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, announced the launch of a new product bundle to help retailers following the COVID-19 pandemic. With retailers in need of innovative solutions to help their stores navigate changes including consumers’ new way of shopping, Salesfloor has added a Post-COVID Bundle consisting of Live Voice and Video Chat, Event Management and All-in-One Appointment Management to its clienteling suite.


The Post-COVID Bundle includes:

  • Live Voice and Video Chat, to help store associates bring the in-store customer experience to online customers. Shoppers initiate a live voice or video chat through Salesfloor Connect on the retailer’s e-commerce site, where they already have the option to connect with a local store associate via live chat, e-mail, SMS, and appointment request.
  • Salesfloor’s Appointment Management feature allows associates to create and manage appointments and send the invite to customers through any digital channel. Appointments can be in store, over the phone, on live chat or video chat. This helps manage store traffic amidst safety regulations that require reduced store hours and a maximum number of customers in store at once. Customers can also visit the retailer’s website to request an appointment.
  • Event Management allows associates to create in store or virtual events, invite selected customers via all Salesfloor digital channels and capture RSVPs.


“As retailers begin to re-open their stores, there is a heightened need for solutions that bridge the gap in how associates serve and sell to online customers.” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “This bundle addresses our customers’ needs and helps them navigate the post-COVID world where an increasing number of consumers prefer to shop online.”


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers using Salesfloor have seen significant increases in online customer engagement, such as a jump of 310% in digital interactions through live chat, e-mail, and text messaging. A store associate is now able to serve, on average, 94 online customers per week and convert 12-15% to purchase. As usage increased and customer expectations evolved, feedback from retailers reinforced the need for clienteling functionalities such as video chat and expanded appointment management capabilities for stores.


The company’s new bundle can be combined with Salesfloor’s other features, including mPOS and other available assisted selling apps. The launch is designed to enhance customers’ online experience, drive sales, and support management of traffic in stores. As customer shopping preferences are expected to shift towards online, Salesfloor is focusing more than ever on bringing the expertise of store associates to the customer’s individual shopping journey, and connecting with them at the right place, time, and channel.