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Relax The Back Redefines the Customer Journey

Relax The Back is a specialty health & wellness retailer with over 90 stores. Their clients have individual comfort needs and preferences according to their health. This means that store consultants sometimes spend hours with one customer to understand their needs and recommend the product that is best suited for them.

The retailer implemented Salesfloor to empower store consultants with tools to provide personalized service and build connections with clients from early on in their client journey- including the ones that begin online. This allowed them to:

  • Get to know clients on a one-to-one basis and create long-term relationships,
  • Improve client wellbeing with tailored advice and specialized products,
  • Nurture relationships and drive clients to the store.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Relax The Back saw 4x the number of visits to associate Storefront pages, 3x the amount of e-mails sent to clients and experienced a huge jump in office chair sales.


Salesfloor has also helped drive the following for Relax The Back:

  • In an average month, Relax The Back has seen between 250-350 online client requests via Salesfloor.
  • An average month typically has over 50 online visits per store consultant’s Storefront.
  • Sales increase when consultants connect with online shoppers: Relax The Back is seeing an additional $27 in in-store sales for every dollar of sales that occur online via Salesfloor.
  • Text messaging has become a popular communication channel for the clients and associates, with one out of three prefering to communicate this way.


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