Xperience Apps for Associates

Product Catalog & Inventory Search

Turn your associates into knowledgeable stylists so they can spend more time selling. Through the Salesfloor app, associates have access to the global product catalog at their fingertips. They can enhance their assisted selling in stores by helping customers search for products using filters and completing endless aisle transactions. Intelligent search and scanning capabilities help them provide faster, more convenient customer experiences.

Salesfloor Connect

Retailers integrate Salesfloor’s Connect widget to their website so that customers can interact online in real-time with local store associates. Online visitors can shop online via live chat with a local, in-store associate, message request, and other Xperience Apps.

Associate Storefront

Customers can shop online with a local store associate for top recommended items and access to interactive shopping tools. Associates use storefronts to drive incremental sales and traffic.

Appointment Management

Give associates the ability to capture inbound leads (both in-store and online) by scheduling and managing appointments with a customer. The appointment request is sent to the customer via text message, live chat, or e-mail. Once the customer accepts the request, the associate can add the appointment to their calendar.

Event Management

Drive traffic to stores with events. Associates invite their customers or specific groups of customers via e-mail or text message by selecting the recipients from their contact list. The event can also be promoted on the associate’s storefront. Associates create an event page and manage RSVPs directly on the Salesfloor app.

Create shoppable Instagram posts with SocialShop™

SocialShop makes it possible for customers to purchase items posted by sales associates on Instagram and other social networks.

Associates curate their own personal pages with their preferred styles and guide customers to the retailer’s e-commerce page, making the posts transactionable while also giving the associate credit for the sale.