Give stores the clienteling tools they need to personalize the experience for customers and develop more meaningful relationships in-store and online.

Customer Insights

Associates have a comprehensive view of their customers’ profile, preferences, transaction history and shopping activity. This allows them to anticipate what their customers will need based on important dates, upcoming events, or past purchases. They can provide expert, personalized advice and craft individual e-mails, messages, or texts based on what they know customers will respond to best.

Communication Tools

Bridge the gap between online and offline service and deliver personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. Continue to interact with customers after they’ve left the store via all-in-one messaging. Associates can interact with their customers by email, SMS, social media, instant messaging platforms and live chat.

Associate Task Workflow

Retailer and customer data is integrated to the clienteling platform in order to trigger automatic tasks and reminders, empowering associates to engage with customers with the right messaging and at the right time. They are automatically notified of recommended selling opportunities. Tasks can also be created by head office to notify stores of opportunities to engage clients.


Customer Management

Associates are able to capture new customers in-store along with buying data and subscriber opt-ins. Managers can create segmented list by tags and re-assign customers owned by seasonal or terminated associates.

Associate Storefront

Customers can shop online with a local store associate for top recommended items and access to interactive shopping tools. Associates use storefronts to drive incremental sales and traffic.