Give retail associates a comprehensive clienteling view of their customers’ profile, purchase history and shopping preferences.  Deliver a personalized customer experience, build one-to-one relationships at scale and connect with customers beyond the store.

Create a personalized
shopping experience

Armed with valuable customer insights, store associates who use Salesfloor’s Omnichannel Clienteling module are empowered to personally reach out to their customers with the right message, at the right time.

Online shoppers can connect with local, in-store associates  via live chat, text message, social media messaging, e-mail, and more. Bridge the gap between online and offline service and deliver personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. What’s more, omnichannel sales are attributed to the appropriate sales associate.

Access customer insights

Retail associates use Salesfloor’s Omnichannel Clienteling module to access a comprehensive view of their customers’

  • Profile
  • Purchase history
  • Shopping preferences

This allows local associates to craft individual e-mails, messages, or texts for their customers based on what they know customers will respond to best. This can include refill reminders, new product announcements and product recommendations.

Manage tasks &
appointments in one place

Retailer and customer data is integrated to the clienteling platform in order to trigger automatic tasks and reminders, empowering associates to engage with customers with the right messaging and at the right time.

Store associates can easily schedule tasks and appointments with customers, all in one place.

Did you know that shoppers are 2x more likely to make a purchase after interacting with a store associate?

Continue the conversation

Continue to interact with clients after they’ve left the store via text message, social media, e-mail or live chat. Associates can send personalized 1-to-1 messages with clickable product recommendations through a branded template.

Would your customer prefer receiving automated e-mails from corporate or personalized e-mails and messages from a familiar, local store associate?

Our clients have seen 3x the open rate and 2x click-through rates with e-mails sent from store associates compared to head office.

Clienteling recommendations
from artificial intelligence

Salesfloor’s unique approach of combining artificial intelligence with the human touch has modernized the role of store associates and raised the bar for personalized customer service.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, sales associates can now provide the most relevant product recommendations to the right customer, at the right time.