Salesfloor Connect

Capture and Engage Online Shoppers

Give your online customers immediate access to a local store associate and provide the same personalized experience they receive in store. Customers reach out to a local store or associate directly from the retailer’s e-commerce site. Associates receive incoming requests through the Salesfloor app and offer immediate, real-time assistance to online shoppers.

Connect with Online Shoppers via Live Chat, Video, E-mail and SMS

Enable online customers create to create requests for service or ask questions directly from your e-commerce site. Requests are made through video, live chat, e-mail or text messaging.  These options are available when the shopper lands on your website and as they browse, if any questions come up.

Associates demonstrate new looks and arrivals through video calls and address customer questions to ensure they walk away with the right look or product. Purchasable product links are sent via any of these communication channels.

Virtual and In-Store Appointment Made Easy

Give associates the opportunity to provide exclusive, white-glove service to individual customers at the customer’s convenience, either online and in-store.

Online customers can easily request appointments (virtual or in-store) with a local store associate from your website. Associates receive incoming requests and add them to their calendars.

Flexible Workflow Designed for Retail

Salesfloor’s technology is designed with retail success in mind. It is built based on a customer retail workflow that considers elements which are critical for positive customer experiences, customer conversions and relationship-building. Customer requests are closely followed and reported on from the moment they are received until they are resolved.

  • Requests are routed to a local store so that the customer interacts with a local store or associate who they can visit in-store as well.
  • Associates can manage their availability status
  • If associates are busy at the moment the request is received, a bot will send messages and questions while the customer waits.
  • Customer request status are noted as new, pending or closed, and store manager is automatically notified of outstanding requests
  • Associates have the ability to route requests to the main customer service line

Customize Your Interface for a Seamless Customer Experience

Control how the Salesfloor Connect interface is displayed on your website. Select from out-of-the-box templates that can be customized to fit your brand or design your own. Add your logo and manage fonts, colors, and text to comply with your branding and provide a seamless website experience.