Salesfloor Guided Selling

Increase Associate Efficiency and Performance with Actionable Data

Turn your associates into knowledgeable product experts so they can spend more time selling. Guide them with tasks and automated recommendations that will optimize their time and the way they sell.

Product Catalog & Inventory Search

Salesfloor empowers store associates to become true product experts with access to global product inventory in a few clicks. 

Provide faster, more convenient customer experiences with intelligent search, scanning capabilities and endless aisle transactions.

Integrated Recommendation Engine

Associates are guided by a recommendation engine to optimize every interaction throughout the shopping journey.

Salesfloor uses APIs to integrate recommendations to associates throughout different touchpoints such as live chat interactions, on the customer’s profile, and more.

A task executed by an associates resulted in a $14,000 Rolex watch sale

Lead Automation for Stores

Capture customer intent and preferences so associates can make better recommendations.

Custom dynamic form fields and messaging bots capture customer needs during interactions on the platform. Incoming leads go through enhanced routing to be assigned to the appropriate associate.

Basket Builder™

Associates build a basket of items personalized for each customer to create a more convenient shopping experience.

Basket links are embedded in text messages, e-mail or live chat. Customers click the links and are taken to a pre-populated e-commerce shopping cart for quick and convenient online checkout.