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Introducing the Salesfloor platform

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Salesfloor Storefront™

For Associates

For the first time, customers can shop online directly with their local associate. Each associate creates their own personalized version of the retailer’s e-commerce site featuring personalized product, trusted advice and live shopping services.

For Stores

Connect your online customers with their local store. Each store has their own personalized version of the retailer’s e-commerce site. Store associates manage as a team their Storefront, online customer requests and local marketing out-reach.


Salesfloor Live Services™

Who better to serve your online customer than your in-store associates?

Online customers connect with local associates for a better online experience through chat, personal shopping services and other collaboration tools.


I shopped online with Stephanie. She was amazing! I never felt so well treated.

Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce

Customers should receive shoppable product recommendations, marketing assets, and photos from their associates across any channel; including email, text messaging, social media and the latest messaging apps.

Conversational Channels
omni clientelling

Omnichannel Clienteling

Associates use Salesfloor’s Omnichannel Clienteling module to access a comprehensive view of their customer’s profile, purchase history and shopping preferences. With customer data easily integrated into the Salesfloor app, automated tasks are triggered for associates as reminders to follow up with both in-store and online customers. Associates can connect with shoppers through branded marketing, social media and email.

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Associate mobile app

Salesfloor’s mobile app empowers associates to run their business anywhere. Associates get everything they need to interact with shoppers, create their own marketing campaigns and sell.

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Salesfloor Connect™

Connect your website visitors to local associates in store. Salesfloor’s embedded tool offers a fully customizable interface that customers can use to interact with associates based on their location.

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Create the complete look, one customer at a time. Associates create personalized shopping experiences with custom product collections on pages uniquely prepared for each customer’s needs.