Xperience Clienteling

Enhance customer experience and develop one-to-one relationships with customers. Our mobile clienteling and assisted selling platform empowers associates to provide personalized service both in-store and online, to all generation of shoppers.

customer insights

Customer Insights

Associates have a comprehensive view of their customers’ profile, preferences, transaction history and shopping activity. They can anticipate what their customers need, allowing them to provide personalized advice and craft relevant e-mails and messages.

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Communication Tools

Bridge the gap between online and offline service and deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels. Associates continue to interact with customers after they’ve left the store via e-mail, SMS, social media, instant messaging platforms and live chat.


Customer Lookbooks

Associates create and update personalized customer lookbook pages so that VIP customers get high touch, curated service online.

salesfloor associate task workflow

Associate Task Workflow

Customer data and purchase history is integrated to the clienteling platform, which generates automated tasks and reminders. Associates are in turn notified of recommended selling opportunities. This empowers them to engage with customers with the right messaging and at the right time.

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Customer Management

Associates are able to capture new customers in-store along with buying data and subscriber opt-ins. Managers can create segmented list by tags and re-assign customers owned by seasonal or terminated associates.