Actionable Analytics that Drive Results

Salesfloor is the only associate app that provides out-of-the-box analytics and reporting on sales, conversions, basket sizes, and more. Retailers access mission critical KPIs that help evaluate and adjust their strategies, while associates see first-hand the impact they have on the overall business.

Store Manager Dashboard

Empower store managers to optimize store and associate performance and drive results. The dashboard provides real-time information on associate adoption rates, frequency of application use, and overall productivity.

Omnichannel Sales Reporting

Track online and in-store sales to ensure store associates are credited for sales regardless of where the customer chose to transact. Compare the effectiveness and engagement rates of different channels, identifying areas for improvement.

Associate & Store Ranked Leaderboards

Configurable ranking reports help managers quickly identify winning execution to increase engagement and opportunities for improvement in lower performing stores.

Manager Views & Audit Tools

Monitor engagements between associates and customers to identify interactions that require intervention. Verify and learn how Associates are engaging with customers to drill down on activities that require training and coaching.