Salesfloor Selected by Cos Bar to Provide Personalized Omnichannel Service

The retailer has partnered with Salesfloor to enable their Beauty Specialists to serve customers online.

New York, USA – November 10, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, announced today it has entered into a multi-year partnership with Cos Bar, luxury multi-brand beauty retailer, to empower their Beauty Specialists to personalize customer experiences in-store and online with Salesfloor’s clienteling platform.

Cos Bar’s focus on omnichannel sales, high-end service and curated boutiques have positioned them as a top destination for beauty products since 1976. The partnership with Salesfloor allows Cos Bar to deliver expert beauty advice across all channels including online. The retailer has launched the platform in all their stores across North America.

“One of the key differentiators for Cos Bar is the level of service we provide our customers, and it has been an important factor in our growth,” said Oliver Garfield, CEO at Cos Bar. “Our partnership with Salesfloor extends the personalized experience of our beauty experts to digital channels and allows our Beauty Specialists to build and nurture one-to-one relationships with their customers.”

Cos Bar customers can now communicate with Beauty Specialists via live chat, video, text messaging, and e-mail. Online customers have real-time access to a local associate by simply visiting There, they can ask questions or receive a beauty consultation from a Beauty Specialist in a local store using their preferred digital communication channel and receive a reply instantly. This personalized service usually only experienced in store gives customers the reassurance and comfort they need to make informed beauty product purchases online.

Beauty Specialists at Cos Bar can now serve and sell to online customers by sending them purchasable product images or links across digital communication channels, including social media, and receive credit for online sales.

“This partnership enables us to provide our customers with a seamless experience across channels while allowing customers to access a Beauty Specialist for personalized service at any time,” said Christina Estrada, VP of Operations at Cos Bar. “This is a win-win situation for us and our customers, especially during a pandemic year. We see Salesfloor as a great way to align with customers’ new way of shopping.”

Online customers are also able to request a virtual or in-store appointment, and Beauty Specialists can create and manage both appointments and events for their customers, which they tailor to their needs. The retailer has launched Salesfloor Storefronts™ as well, which enables customers to shop online with their Beauty Specialist on a personalized webpage that highlights the Specialist’s favorite styles and recommendations.

“Salesfloor is recognized for being the leading solution for retailers looking to combine omnichannel selling and service throughout the customer’s omnichannel journey. Beauty is a key growth area in our business, and more and more beauty brands are choosing Salesfloor to provide appointments, virtual selling and clienteling in a single, easy-to use application,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “It’s an honor to have been selected by Cos Bar as its clienteling solution provider and we are thrilled to be empowering their Beauty Specialists to personalize customer experiences, both online and offline.”

Salesfloor recently won the Best Mobile Interactive Customer Experience award given by the ICX association. They have also launched the Associates of the Year Awards to help recognize inspiring store associates around the world. More than 400 nominations were received. Winners were announced at a livestream event on October 22. To learn more, visit: