Boost Sales This Holiday Season

with an Efficient Strategy for In-Store and Online Customer Experience

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    Make the Most of the 2019 Shopping Season

    NRF predicts holiday sales will increase by up to 4.2%, or $730 billion this year. How can you create a successful omnichannel strategy to multiply your holiday revenue and increase customer loyalty? Here are some tips that can help:

    Create Hype & Leak Sneak Peeks

    Prepare your campaigns in advance, select the appropriate channels and make sure you start creating content and drip campaigns early. Empower associates to promote holiday sales to customers via email, text, and messaging apps (think WhatsApp and WeChat).

    Offer Pre-holiday Deals & Limited-Time Offers

    Clear out old stock while simultaneously creating buzz. With insights on customer purchase history and automated task notifications, store associates know exactly what to deals recommend to individual customers. Plus, start your promotions early. Research indicates holiday conversion rates increase towards the end of October.

    Avoid Tech Glitches (like What Happened in 2018)

    Many retailers (like Walmart and Lululemon) experienced them last year in stores, on their apps and website. These outages can be very costly and cause many lost sales on a regular day, let alone a holiday. Monitor the infrastructure and implement quality control to identify warning signs and prevent outages.

    Prepare for the 10 Busiest Days of the 2019 Holiday Season

    These 10 busiest days are predicted to account for 45% of all US retail Holiday sales. Stores and associates need to be equipped to prioritize in-store customer engagementExtend your POS to mobile for fast transactions from anywhere, including Endless Aisle transactions.


    Deliver an extra dose of customer service excellence both on and offline.

    Mobile & In-Store Technologies for Seamless Customer Experiences this Holiday Season


    From the fitting room to the aisles, check out a customer who is ready to pay. Fast, convenient experiences will leave a positive impression on your customers, especially during the holiday rush. Verify real-time inventory availability at all stores and on the web. Items from other locations can be added to the customer’s cart so that you never lose a sale, even during the busiest time of the year.


    Give your associates access to real-time inventory and product information. With intelligent search and scan on their mobile device, associates quickly access product details to answer their customer’s questions. Armed with customer information, they can tailor their recommendations and promotions to the individual customer.


    54% of consumers will shop online this holiday season. Ensure your associates are available and present online to respond to customer questions in real time as they surf  your website.  Remember: 87% of shoppers are more likely to buy an item recommended by a sales associate.


    Leveraging your associates to fulfill orders from the store will help with the increase in BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In Store) orders during the holidays. Empower them with a mobile device that gives them to ability to select an order and pick it in the store, whether for shipping or in-store pickup.

    Create Loyalty with Millennials and Gen Z

    These “always-connected” generations have high expectations from retailers. They will be loyal to brands who are able to provide them with personalized service, relevant recommendations, and a convenient shopping experience.

    Text Messaging: Your Next Retail Superpower

    Discover five reasons why you should be employing text messaging as past of your retail clienteling strategy. Drive online sales, drive traffic to store and increase customer loyalty with personalized text messages.

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