Prepare for 2019 Holiday Shopping Season

with Salesfloor’s Mobile Platform for Store Associates

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  • 18%

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  • 20

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  • 25k

    Using Salesfloor

Make the most of this year's Shopping Season

Create an e-commerce strategy that includes something similar to what Blenders Eyewear did. They multiplied their Black Friday e-commerce sales and holiday revenue 10-fold.

Create Hype

around the “count down” by campaigning with ads and social media posts. Empower your associates to connect with customers to promote holiday sales via email, text, and messaging apps (think WhatsApp and WeChat). Harness the relationships your associates have built with customers to get them back into your store.

Offer Pre-holiday Deals

in the lead up to Christmas, as well as post holiday boxing week sales. This is a great way to clear out old stock while simultaneously creating buzz. With insights on customer purchase history and automated task notifications, associates know exactly what to deals recommend to individual customers.

Leak Sneak Peeks

at enticing deals that will be offered throughout the course of the holiday shopping season in order to foster a sense of urgency and instill shoppers with an understanding of your “limited time best offer.” Make it all about the attractive offer.

Extend Your Promo Strategy

across websites and into social influencer territory if possible, in order to maximize sales. Emphasize any shipping and gift wrapping services that really up the convenience factor for would-be customers.


Deliver an extra dose of customer service excellence both on and offline.


Checking out customers on from anywhere on the sales floor is essential for friction-less customer experiences. If some items are out-of-stock, Having access to real-time inventory information across stores and the web will allow associates to provide alternatives for out of stock items and help save the sale. Bonus points if this can be done through a mobile device.


The better it looks and the easier it is to navigate, the more likely it is to entice walk-ins, and the longer people will stay and browse for deals. Organize your stock, and clearly delineate what’s on sale with clear, visually stimulating signage.


and differentiate from your competitors. Ensure your associates are available and present online to respond to customer questions in real time as they surf and search special holiday deals on your website. The human touch works in your favor, keeping customers on your site, satisfying any unique requests they may have, and inviting them into your store.


Leveraging your associates to fulfill orders from the store will help with the holiday rush. Empower them with a mobile device that gives them to ability to select an order and pick it in the store, whether for shipping or in-store pickup.

Omnichannel Service

Be sure your associates are capable of taking advantage of omnichannel clienteling and mobile checkout to quickly gain insight on repeat customers and use it to personalize the shopping experience. They can thus creating a one-on-one feel, even amid your highly trafficked holiday sale.