Maestro AI™


A Conversational AI Associate for Digital Commerce

Meet Maestro AI™, your virtual shopping advisor powered by artificial intelligence. Offer your shoppers online sales assistance and recommendations with natural conversational AI, engineered for a personalized brand experience and conversion.

Conversational AI with ChatGPT™

Conversational AI with ChatGPT™

Maestro AI™ offers natural and autonomous conversations that can understand the customer in virtually any use case by seamlessly blending Large Language Models and dynamically scripted questions, engineered by Salesfloor Shopping Intelligence.

Visual Browsing & AI Product Tagging

Customers get a visual browsing experience to find the right look and feel. Salesfloor visual AI product tagging curates personalized assortments based on customer preferences.  

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Personalized Recommendation Engine

Personalized Recommendation Engine

Shoppers get personalized 1-1 product recommendations based on recent conversations and buying data. Maestro AI ranks and scores customer interactions and preferences, to deliver accurate recommendations that drive sales.

Site Personalization

Branded product badging helps customers identify which products are best matched to their preferences. Maestro AI™ learns from your customer’s conversations and buying data to identify key product attributes that personalizes their web shopping experience.  

Product tagging
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When amika began looking for Conversational AI technology, they had a simple objective in mind. They needed to offer a more intimate experience and stand out in a very competitive market. They were already using live chat, and these conversations served as early signals of bigger marketing and sales potential. Learn how Salesfloor Maestro helped amika drive a 90% customer satisfaction rate with ace, the ultimate AI Hair Advisor.