Luxury Cosmetics Case Study with Cos Bar

Since its foundation in Aspen in 1976, Cos Bar has been the luxury multi-brand beauty retailer of excellence. Designed for a sophisticated and discerning audience, Cos Bar has successfully carved out a unique and engaging sales experience focused on the needs of the client. Coupled with a carefully curated array of the world’s best beauty brands, this artful combination of selection and service has led the brand to unprecedented levels of success.

With omni-channel distribution and geographic growth on the horizon, Cos Bar paved the way in beauty to bring this compelling style of retailing to a greater audience. However, before Salesfloor, Cos Bar had never been able to quantify the success of their client outreach—though they always had a good idea it was a significant part of their business.

“Since launching Salesfloor we finally have visibility into how often client outreach is happening and how much revenue is being generated from these interactions. It has also allowed us to identify those Beauty Specialists who are stronger at clienteling. Further, it enabled us to gain best practices from Salesfloor that we can use to train and level up those who may not be as strong.” – Cristina Estrada, VP of Operations, Cos Bar

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