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Harmonize in-store experiences with online ambitions

Salesfloor is the most comprehensive customer engagement platform, providing buyers a personalized and seamless jewelry experience—both online and in-store.


An exceptional solution, trusted by
exceptional brands.

Salesfloor has been revolutionizing the online shopping experience for almost a decade, leading notable jewelry brands to better conversions, higher AOVs, and improved customer experiences around the world.

The only platform to unify virtual shopping, clienteling and AI assisted selling capabilities in one enterprise grade platform.

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Learn how Salesfloor helped enterprise jeweler, Ben Bridge, mark special moments and milestones by providing highly curated jewelry and personalized experiences to their customers.

Connect to all Generations with Live Chat, Video, and SMS

Let’s face it, younger generations have phone-phobia. If your jewelry consultants are not available through their favorite method of communication…they’ll be long gone. With Salesfloor Connect, your geolocated local stores are just a click away, helping online shoppers via their preferred chat method.

By providing virtual shopping experiences through live chat and video shopping, customers can have their questions answered in real-time, by an expert—helping bring more traffic to your stores.

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Connect on Customer Terms
With Appointment Booking

With appointment booking, customers can arrange in-store or virtual consultations with their favorite associates—driving customers who research online to purchase in-store. Whether on a busy schedule, or planning ahead for an upcoming milestone occasion (like a 25th wedding anniversary), booking ahead provides peace of mind for life’s big moments.

Capture New Leads
with Ticketing

Keep customers who reach out during off-hours top of mind for associates. With ticketing, store associates can easily and quickly reply to shopper inquiries by email and text message. Plus, associates can even follow-up with their customers after a ticket is closed. Shoppers who want to ‘buy online, purchase in-store’ can confirm product and price information from their recent in-store visit.

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Learn how leading enterprise jewelry brands are leveraging technology to create a Total Experience that bridges the gap between the in-store and online experience.

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Say Hello to
Associate Storefronts!

With storefronts, associates can curate favorite products and drive customers to shop with them through their private subdomains on your website (bonus, they’re accessible through QR codes placed on business cards!). These retailer-branded web pages are ideal for leveraging one-to-one relationships with shopperskeeping them coming back for a lifetime. And with sales attribution links, associates always get the credit they deserve.

Personalized LookBooks
for your VIP Customers

Provide your VIP customers with a personalized board of recommendations that can be easily shared with family and friends for decision input, while interacting seamlessly with their jewelry consultant.

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Always be Available
with Dynamic Routing

Picture this: your associate is helping a client in-store, but there is also an online customer in need of assistance. Dynamic routing ensures online customers always get an answer by expanding the store radius to find available jewelry consultants in other locations. Now, you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell!

And Did We Mention That We are Modular?

Our modular approach gets you started in weeks and helps you scale for years.

Accelerate Revenue
With Automated Tasks

Task automation helps jewelry consultants stay in touch with customers for important occasions and follow-ups, so they’ll never miss an important life moment again. Task automation allows for continued 1:1 engagement after purchase with reminders for upselling opportunities, like cross-selling matching jewelry, or to get in touch when limited edition collections become available.

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Stand Out in Every Inbox with Localized Marketing Emails

With Salesfloor, your associates can do 1: many task outreach. Your marketing team can utilize this highly effective niche marketing solution to increase open rate by over 100%. Leverage associate relationships by having them send branded marketing collateral by email or SMS to multiple customers with a click of a button.

Learn how leading enterprise jewelry brands are leveraging technology to create a Total Experience that bridges the gap between the in-store and online experience.

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See Your Customers in High Definition with Customer Insights

Salesfloor’s integration with CRM and ERP systems gives your jewelry consultants a 360 view of customer profiles, as well as purchase history and activities. Customer insights helps associates succeed by recommending the right product, for the right customer, at the right time.

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Provide Gift Ideas for Memorable Occasions with Smart AI

Want to take things to the next level? Deliver scalable personalized experiences with conversational AI that listens to your customers, learns their needs, and makes the right jewelry recommendations–no matter what life occasion comes their way. Smart AI serves as a more sophisticated gifting solution that helps find the perfect product based on customer input, rather than filtering through product attributes.

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