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Human Touch® Launches Virtual Selling and Clienteling Across the U.S.

Wellness Specialists at Human Touch will Leverage Salesfloor to Drive Online Sales and Connect with Customers in a Personalized Way.  

New York – April 6, 2021 Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform, today announced its partnership with Human Touch, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs, Perfect Chair® zero gravity recliners, and other wellness solutions. The partnership comes as virtual selling becomes increasingly important for salespeople across all businesses, including B2B organizations.

Human Touch supplies their wellness products to retail stores, online retailers, and through B2B channels such as health clubs, spas and doctors’ offices. They leverage the Salesfloor platform to reach and discover new business by enabling their Wellness Specialists to communicate with their customers on digital channels in a personalized way.

“The integration of the Salesfloor platform is an important step to helping us discover prospective clients and develop lasting relationships. As we strive to be a leader in dynamic customer communication, partnering with Salesfloor will be key to achieving this goal,” said David Wood, CEO of Human Touch.

Human Touch is implementing Salesfloor’s clienteling and virtual selling capabilities like:

  • New, online customers easily initiate a conversation with a local Human Touch Wellness Specialist from their website via video, live chat, e-mail, and text messaging, and receive a reply or answers to their questions in real time
  • Wellness Specialists communicate with customers in a personalized way on all digital channels
  • Wellness Specialists tailor their recommendations according to the customer and their company’s needs
  • Virtual appointments and demonstrations can be requested by customers
  • Storefronts™ allow each Wellness Specialist to highlight their favorite wellness solutions

“We’re seeing that the accelerated shift to digital interactions has been felt not only in the B2C space but in B2B as well. The partnership with Human Touch is an exciting step in expanding our B2B client-base,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “Human Touch has a storied footprint in the wellness products industry. We’re honored to be helping them extend personalized service to online consumers and bridge the gap between selling online and in person.”

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Retailers’ Virtual Selling and Clienteling Sales Surpass $2 Billion USD with Salesfloor

Store associates leveraging the Salesfloor platform served on average 71% more customers per week compared to 2019

New York, USA – March 3, 2021 Salesfloor, the industry’s leading virtual selling and mobile clienteling platform designed for store associates, announced today that its solution’s total transaction volumes surpassed the $2 billion USD milestone. Retailers using Salesfloor are able to track e-commerce and in-store sales resulting from recent customer interactions with store associates through the platform. The $2 billion milestone was reached in the afternoon of February 12, 2021 when a customer purchased children’s clothes after receiving a clienteling e-mail from an associate at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.

“Over the last year, the role of the store associate has had to adapt quickly in order to continue serving consumers on digital channels. With stores closed and traffic limited due to the pandemic, our clients have been at the forefront of the virtual selling acceleration,” explains Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor. “The $2 billion milestone is especially meaningful, mainly because it reflects the hard work and contribution of so many people during this time. The platform hit this milestone in less than one-third of the time for the first $1 billion in transaction volumes.”

In 2020-21, the pandemic accelerated retailers’ demand for tools that enable store associates to sell across all channels. This contributed to Salesfloor’s rapid growth in the past 12 months. The company recently reported on the industry’s acceleration by sharing its 2020 platform data highlights: 

  • Digital clienteling interactions (i.e. chat, email, text messaging, social media) increased 310% in 2020. 
  • Virtual appointments booked in Salesfloor increased 1025%.
  • Store associates used Salesfloor to serve an average of 94 customers per week vs 55 in 2019. 
  • Retailers’ transaction volumes in Salesfloor were up to 8x higher for the 90 days leading up to the 2020 holiday season, compared to 2019.
  • Salesfloor’s new client onboardings increased 250% in 2020 vs 2019. 

“We’re seeing a rebalancing of the labor model in stores where more and more store associates are being leveraged to serve online customers,” says Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “As retailers begin to build their post-pandemic strategies, Salesfloor will be there to make sure that the consumer experience is convenient and seamless.”

About Salesfloor

Salesfloor is an award-winning mobile platform designed for store associates to personalize customer experiences. Salesfloor provides clienteling and virtual selling tools to engage customers on any channel, Storefronts for live online shopping with store associates, and mobile checkout for convenient in-store experiences. With over 45,000 associates from leading retailers in apparel, beauty, jewelry, and baby/toys, Salesfloor is modernizing the role of store associates. Retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, buybuy Baby, Holt Renfrew, Pandora, Bloomingdale’s, Chico’s and more choose Salesfloor to drive results such as higher online conversion rates, increased basket sizes and decreased return rates. For more information, visit and follow Salesfloor on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Multiple Fine Jewelry Brands Launch Salesfloor to Deliver Personalized Shopping Experience

New mobile clienteling and virtual selling capabilities rolled out to Ben Bridge Jeweler and its owned & operated Pandora stores across the U.S. and Canada.

New York – December 8, 2020 –  Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform designed for store associates, today announced partnerships with Ben Bridge Jeweler as well as Pandora stores owned and operated by Ben Bridge Jeweler. The fine jewelry retailers are leveraging Salesfloor’s omnichannel solutions, enabling their Personal Jewelers to bridge online-offline sales channels and deliver a personalized shopping experience for customers.

The company operates more than 70 locations between Ben Bridge Jeweler retail stores and Pandora concept stores. The two jewelers are utilizing Salesfloor’s clienteling and virtual selling features, which includes video chat, appointment setting, live chat, email, text messaging, associate storefronts and customer insights. With the click of a button, online shoppers can now connect with or request virtual or in-store appointments with their local Personal Jeweler. Three hundred Personal Jewelers at Ben Bridge and Pandora stores across North America will be leveraging the Salesfloor platform.

“With over a century of experience as a Personal Jeweler, the Ben Bridge team cherishes its role in celebrating milestones both big and small,” commented Lisa Bridge, president and CEO at Ben Bridge Jeweler. “Everything we do is focused on delivering beautiful, highly curated jewelry and an exceptional experience for our customers. With Salesfloor, we’re able to expand that experience with the ability to connect with customers in an intuitive and thoughtful approach – anywhere, anytime.”

With over 45,000 store associates using Salesfloor, platform data from Q3 showed the average associate served close to 100 customers online per week, a number expected to rise in Q4. Salesfloor partners are overhauling digital strategies to implement omnichannel and re-create the in-store experience virtually and at scale in 2020. Jewelers shifted sentiment on e-commerce solutions from nice to have, to fully activating these technologies to compete in the new retail environment.

“Retailers are accelerating their digital transformation timelines this year by providing their store associates with the technology to meet customers where they are – which now means both online and in-person,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “We’re excited to partner with Ben Bridge and their Pandora operated stores in time for their busy season. We’ve equipped their Personal Jewelers with the necessary tools to engage with customers remotely and answer their jewelry question in real-time on digital channels.”

Linkedin 2020 Red Herring Top 100 WINNER

Salesfloor Chosen as a 2020 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner

Nov 19, 2020 – Red Herring today announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2020 event, recognizing the continent’s most exciting and innovative private technology companies. Salesfloor, the leading mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform for store associates, has been named a winner.

The winners have been chosen from thousands of entrants, whittled down to hundreds presenting their companies at the virtual conference on November 17th and 18th. The event, led by Red Herring chairman Alex Vieux, included two days of keynote speeches, discussions and finalist presentations.

Industry experts, insiders and journalists on a wide variety of criteria including financial performance, innovation, business strategy, and market penetration judged companies. Winners ran the gamut of verticals, from FinTech and Artificial Intelligence to Security, IoT, and many more industries.

“It’s an honor to be named a winner in the 2020 Red Herring Top 100 North America list,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “This is a testament to the innovative advancements our team makes year after year in the clienteling and virtual selling realms, and how critical a solution like ours is for retailers to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

Red Herring’s editors have been evaluating the world’s startups and tech companies for over two decades. It gives them the ability to see through the industry’s hype to pick firms that will continue on a trajectory to success. Brands such as Alibaba, Kakao, Skype, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube have all been singled out in Red Herring’s storied history.

“2020’s crop of Top 100 winners has been among our most intriguing yet,” said Vieux. “North America has led the way in tech for so many years, and to see such unique, pioneering entrepreneurs and companies here, which is in many ways the heartland of the industry, has been a thrilling experience.

“What has excited me most is to see so many people forging niches in high-tech and cutting edge sectors,” added Vieux. “Some of the technical wizardry and first-rate business models showcased at the conference has been fantastic to learn about. We believe Salesfloor embodies the drive, skill and passion on which tech thrives. Salesfloor should be proud of its achievement – the competition was incredibly strong.”

Following Salesfloor’s Top 100 win, they are invited to the next step, which is to present [themselves] at the Top 100 Global event next year that will encompass the best-in-show from the Top 100 Europe, North America, and Asia. Red Herring is dedicated to supporting Salesfloor’s continued path to success and innovation.

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 Salesfloor is Named a Finalist at 2020 Red Herring Top 100 North America

New York, USA – November 16, 2020 – Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform designed for store associates, has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, one of the technology industry’s most prestigious prizes.

Finalists for the awards are among the continent’s brightest and most innovative private ventures. Red Herring’s editorial team has chosen their place among North America’s tech elite, during months-long process that takes into account criteria including disruptive impact, proof of concept, financial performance, market footprint and quality of management.

“It’s an honor for us to be selected as a finalist by Red Herring considering their track record of identifying innovative companies that are revolutionizing industries,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “The recognition also comes at a time when we’re seeing the demand for virtual selling and clienteling grow exponentially with the effects of a global pandemic.”

For over two decades Red Herring’s team has seen through the tech sector’s hype to select brands that have become industry benchmarks. The Top 100 North America has become not only a springboard for some of tech’s biggest names, but a valued and trusted tool for venture capitalists, experts and analysts predicting trends at the industry’s sharpest edge.

“Selecting finalists for this year’s Top 100 has proved more difficult than ever,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and chairman of Red Herring. “North America has been tech’s beating heart for years–but never have I seen such an exciting, disruptive and innovative generation as we have in 2020.”

“Salesfloor fully deserves its place among our finalists, and I’ve every confidence it will make a significant impact in the tech world,” added Vieux.

Finalists are invited to present their winning strategies at the Red Herring Top 100 North America conference on Nov 17-18, 2020. The Top 100 winners will be announced after all the presentations at the Top 100 Forum.

Salesfloor Selected by Cos Bar to Provide Personalized Omnichannel Service

The retailer has partnered with Salesfloor to enable their Beauty Specialists to serve customers online.

New York, USA – November 10, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, announced today it has entered into a multi-year partnership with Cos Bar, luxury multi-brand beauty retailer, to empower their Beauty Specialists to personalize customer experiences in-store and online with Salesfloor’s clienteling platform.

Cos Bar’s focus on omnichannel sales, high-end service and curated boutiques have positioned them as a top destination for beauty products since 1976. The partnership with Salesfloor allows Cos Bar to deliver expert beauty advice across all channels including online. The retailer has launched the platform in all their stores across North America.

“One of the key differentiators for Cos Bar is the level of service we provide our customers, and it has been an important factor in our growth,” said Oliver Garfield, CEO at Cos Bar. “Our partnership with Salesfloor extends the personalized experience of our beauty experts to digital channels and allows our Beauty Specialists to build and nurture one-to-one relationships with their customers.”

Cos Bar customers can now communicate with Beauty Specialists via live chat, video, text messaging, and e-mail. Online customers have real-time access to a local associate by simply visiting There, they can ask questions or receive a beauty consultation from a Beauty Specialist in a local store using their preferred digital communication channel and receive a reply instantly. This personalized service usually only experienced in store gives customers the reassurance and comfort they need to make informed beauty product purchases online.

Beauty Specialists at Cos Bar can now serve and sell to online customers by sending them purchasable product images or links across digital communication channels, including social media, and receive credit for online sales.

“This partnership enables us to provide our customers with a seamless experience across channels while allowing customers to access a Beauty Specialist for personalized service at any time,” said Christina Estrada, VP of Operations at Cos Bar. “This is a win-win situation for us and our customers, especially during a pandemic year. We see Salesfloor as a great way to align with customers’ new way of shopping.”

Online customers are also able to request a virtual or in-store appointment, and Beauty Specialists can create and manage both appointments and events for their customers, which they tailor to their needs. The retailer has launched Salesfloor Storefronts™ as well, which enables customers to shop online with their Beauty Specialist on a personalized webpage that highlights the Specialist’s favorite styles and recommendations.

“Salesfloor is recognized for being the leading solution for retailers looking to combine omnichannel selling and service throughout the customer’s omnichannel journey. Beauty is a key growth area in our business, and more and more beauty brands are choosing Salesfloor to provide appointments, virtual selling and clienteling in a single, easy-to use application,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “It’s an honor to have been selected by Cos Bar as its clienteling solution provider and we are thrilled to be empowering their Beauty Specialists to personalize customer experiences, both online and offline.”

Salesfloor recently won the Best Mobile Interactive Customer Experience award given by the ICX association. They have also launched the Associates of the Year Awards to help recognize inspiring store associates around the world. More than 400 nominations were received. Winners were announced at a livestream event on October 22. To learn more, visit:

Salesfloor Celebrates Finalists and Winners at the 2020 Associates of the Year Awards Ceremony

The winners were announced at a livestream event on October 22, 2020

New York NY – October 23, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, announced the winners of the first annual Associates of the Year Awards at a livestream event on October 22. The awards are designed to shine the spotlight on store associates and store managers who are delivering personalized experiences for shoppers and building and nurturing relationships with consumers.

The initial nomination period which began on July 28, 2020 was followed by a round of public voting where the finalists were determined. The winners were then selected by the panel of judges, which included:

  • Carl Boutet, Chief Strategist, Studio Rx & Managing Director, CQIC
  • Ann Joyce Former CIO/COO Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Chico’s FAS
  • Bob Phibbs, CEO, The Retail Doctor
  • Cathy Hotka, Principal at Cathy Hotka and Associates
  • Paula Levy, Chief Strategy Officer, Demand Worldwide
  • Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer, Salesfloor

“We are so proud of all the nominees, finalists, and especially the winners of this year’s awards. It is such a privilege for us to be able to recognize them for their achievements,” said Osar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “We were thrilled to have received over 400 nominations, each of them describing why the particular store associate should win the award. It was truly heartwarming to read through those testimonials, both because the stories were extremely inspiring and to see the incredible support between colleagues in the retail industry.”

The 2020 Associates of the Year Awards winners are:

  • Best Customer Experience Associate: Janae Campbell, ba&sh in California
  • Best Omnichannel Associate: Amanda Adams, Bloomingdale’s in California
  • Star Associate of the Year: Jennifer Buttler, Chico’s FAS in Florida

The winners were awarded a trophy and a copy of Ron Thurston’s book, Retail Pride.

The livestream event also included a fireside chat with Carl Boutet and Ann Joyce. Carl Boutet is a retail strategist and board advisor, founder of Studio Rx and Managing Director at the Quebec Center for Innovation in Commerce. Ann Joyce has held the dual role of Chief Operations and Information Officer at Chico’s FAS, and served as SVP and CIO at global retailer Aeropostale. They shared insights on the impact COVID-19 has had on the role of store associates and key takeaways for store workers to drive sales and provide personalized customer experiences.


To view the recording of the livestream where the winners were announced, visit

For more information on Salesfloor, visit

Salesfloor Wins “Best Mobile ICX” Elevate Award

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association has named Salesfloor as the winner of the “Best Mobile ICX” for its mobile platform during the Annual Elevate Awards Ceremony.

New York, NY – September 22, 2020 – Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile platform designed for store associates, has won the Elevate Award for “Best Mobile Interactive Customer Experience”, given out by the ICX Association.

The Best Mobile ICX category recognizes achievements in mobile platform-based interactive customer experiences that captivate and engage audiences and extend a brand’s presence into the most important devices in their customers’ lives.

“There has never been a more critical time to provide the same level of in-store experience within the online, e-commerce and mobile shopping experience, given the ongoing coronavirus and consumer hesitancy of store visits,” said Judy Mottl, editor of and one of the judges. “Salesfloor’s capability for customers to interact via a mobile app with a store’s associates in real-time, anytime, is so on point and so exceptional. What consumer doesn’t want and enjoy concierge experience when shopping? Now there’s no need to be in the store to attain that level of service.”

Salesfloor’s mobile clienteling platform helps associates serve customers in a personalized way across all channels. Store associates use Salesfloor to help their customers shop online, on social media, by video chat, phone, SMS or in store, developing one-to-one customer relationships at scale, driving sales and customer loyalty.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a pacesetter in using technology to elevate the customer experience. This award represents the hard work and determination of our team and the partners that have worked with us over the years to help make Salesfloor a success.” said Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer of Salesfloor during his acceptance speech. “Bringing the in-store experience to online customers is more critical than ever for retailers to compete in a post-COVID world. Our mission is to empower store associates to bring the personalized service to omnichannel customers, no matter how they choose to shop.”.

The ICX Association Elevate Awards are given annually to recognize achievements in engaging customer experiences.

Salesfloor recently launched the Associates of the Year Awards to help recognize inspiring stories of retail success around the world. More than 400 nominations were received. Public voting is open until September 24 and finalists will be announced on October 22. To learn more, visit:

Salesfloor Announces Record Growth in 2020 as Retailers Expand Investments in Omnichannel

The mobile clienteling platform sees 250% increase in new business and strong demand for personalization of online customer experiences

New York, NY – September 10, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, today announced unprecedented growth, driven by 250% year-over-year increase in new clients. The increase in online shopping caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated retailers’ digital transformation efforts and their focus on solutions that help bridge the gap between online shoppers and in-store associates. Salesfloor is seeing a surge in companies looking to implement their clienteling solution to empower store associates to serve and sell to their customers online.

In the past few months, the number of Salesfloor users around the world has nearly doubled, with 45,000 store associates now leveraging the platform to serve customers across all channels. Associates using Salesfloor have surpassed $1.5 billion in sales.

Retailers have also seen their online sales through Salesfloor skyrocket by up to 4x compared to pre-pandemic data. Retailers who launched Salesfloor during the pandemic achieved their first million dollars in sales on the platform 75% faster compared to retailers that launched before April 2020. Platform data from Q2 and Q3 shows a sustained increase of up to 700% more online interactions between shoppers and store associates, including through live chat, e-mail, text messaging and appointment requests.

“When stores closed, many of our clients equipped their remote employees with Salesfloor to enable them to continue serving online customers. Now that stores have reopened, there is still a pressing need to bridge the online-offline gap.” said Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor. “The average associate now serves 94 online customers per week, and we’re seeing a sales conversion rates between 12% and 15%.”

Some of Salesfloor’s new partnerships include Buckle, Holt Renfrew, as well as a global luxury beauty retailer, a national retail pharmacy chain, two of North America’s most prestigious jewelry brands, and a leading home furnishings retailer. Launching this year, these brands will utilize Salesfloor’s Xperience Apps™ and Xperience Clienteling™ features such as video chat, appointment setting, live chat, email, text messaging, associate storefronts and customer insights.

Existing Salesfloor clients are also expanding their use the platform, such as Brown Thomas (Selfridges Group) will expand Salesfloor to sister brand, Arnotts, and Canadian retailers Holt Renfrew and Hudson’s Bay will launch French language versions of their Salesfloor instances in the fall.

“We’re seeing many of the trends predicted for 2025 and 2030 in the retail industry come to fruition much earlier than anticipated as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Companies with active omnichannel clienteling and assisted selling strategies are seeing immense ROI right now,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “Our teams have been working hard to onboard new clients at record speed so they can quickly start connecting with shoppers online. We’re excited to provide associates at these leading retailers with the tools needed to provide personalized customer experiences and meet the demands of today’s omnichannel customers.”

Salesfloor  recently launched a Post-COVID bundle to help retailers adapt to changes caused by the pandemic. They have also been named a 2020 @ICXAssociation Elevate Award finalist in the Best Mobile ICX category!

Currently Salesfloor is voting on the Associates of the Year Awards, which recognize exceptional performance by store managers and associates. Voting ends September 24 and finalists will be announced October 22. To learn more, visit

Salesfloor Launches Annual Associates of the Year Awards

Awards will recognize and celebrate the importance of store associates and retailer professionals, and their impact on the entire customer journey.


New York NY – July 23, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, today announced the first annual Associates of the Year Awards to help shine the spotlight on the individuals who are delivering personalized experiences for shoppers and building and nurturing relationships with consumers. The Associates of the Year Awards are now open to store associates and store managers globally.

“Store associates and managers haven taken on more responsibility over the years, from the buy online, pick-up in-store trend to personalizing experiences for every shopper on every channel, while also having to be product and style experts. They may have recently experienced being furloughed or working from home with the COVID-19 pandemic.” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor. “Our mission has always been to empower associates, and we couldn’t think of a better time than now to launch our awards program. It brings us great joy to recognize and celebrate the dedication of store managers and associates who work hard every day to make a lasting impact on their customers on behalf of brands.”

Store managers and associates can nominate themselves or be nominated across three categories:

  • Best Customer Experience Associate An associate who creates memorable customer experiences both (online and offline). This associate plays a major role in creating customer loyalty for their brand and builds relationships with customers who are always left with a positive impression of the brand.
  • Best Omnichannel Associate: This award is for an associate that delivers exceptional experiences to serve customers across all channels. They take an innovative approach to their role by leveraging technology to drive the business.
  • Star Associate of the Year: The Store Associate of the Year is the most prestigious award to recognize someone who consistently surpasses their objectives while providing exceptional service and supporting their fellow associates. This person leads by example, inspires others, builds meaningful relationships and is an all-around extraordinary representative of their brand.

How it works:

  • Nomination period is open now and ends on August 27
  • Voting will begin on September 3 and end on September 24
  • A group of judges will deliberate including:
    • Carl Boutet, Chief Strategist, Studio Rx & Managing Director, CQIC
    • Ann Joyce Former CIO/COO Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Chico’s FAS
    • Bob Phibbs, CEO, The Retail Doctor
    • Cathy Hotka, Principal at Cathy Hotka and Associates
    • Paula Levy, Chief Strategy Officer, Demand Worldwide
    • Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer, Salesfloor
  • Finalists will be announced on October 6
  • A live virtual event will be held on October 22nd where nominees will be recognized and winners will be announced

“Retail, now more than ever, needs to be about building effective & empathetic human relationships with customers. Retail associates, as properly empowered brand ambassadors, must be at the core of that critical dynamic.”  said Carl Boutet, Chief Strategist, StudioRx. “I’m proud to support this award that clearly wants to celebrate the role of such a critical role in our industry’s success”

To nominate, please visit: