Salesfloor for your business

Designed with your customer experience in mind

The Salesfloor platform offers industry-specific modules that connect sales associates with their customers.

Specialty stores

Customers expect a high level of personalized service, especially when shopping for specialty products. A professional and helpful sales associate is at the center of a high-touch sales experience. Salesfloor extends service and relationships seamlessly across all channels including web, email, mobile and social media.

Big box

Everyone is familiar with their local store, but shopping at large stores has become increasingly intimidating. We’re reimagining the connected store by making local store associates available online to their local customers. Local store associates use Salesfloor to give customers the same great service they get in the store.

Virtual sales associates

Create your own branded network of virtual sales associates, each with their own Salesfloor Storefront™ to drive sales and traffic from their trusted relationships and personal networks. Retailers use Salesfloor and virtual associates to expand sales and service to new regions without having to invest in real estate, new stores and traditional infrastructure.

Direct sales companies

Direct sales companies know how to create connections with shoppers. Salesfloor helps direct sales reps harness the power of the web with automating website creation, 1-to-1 marketing campaigns and digital sales tools.

Retail services: Training & engagement

Implement quickly and effectively with the help of Salesfloor’s professional trainers and engagement experts. Measure and maximize your results with effective engagement services, gamification programs, marketing content, dedicated support desk, turn-key training.

Retail services: Marketing services

Top selling Salesfloor associates use their marketing tools 3x more than the average user and get double the open rate then the national newsletter. But how can you ensure they have access to relevant and timely marketing content?

Salesfloor makes marketing easy with a dedicated team of strategists, designers and copywriters who work hand-in-hand with retailers to support associates.