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Re-defining the role of a retail associate

Why are we here?

Salesfloor is on a mission to unlock the power of today’s omnichannel sales associate by connecting them with shoppers online and in-store. We believe that associates are product experts, trusted advisors and social influencers for customers in their local communities. In today’s omnichannel world, retail chains have a unique opportunity to leverage their biggest competitive asset: their people.

We are redefining the role of today’s retail associate, so that they can drive the online business. That’s how online shopping will grow to the next level and make a retail job more exciting and rewarding than ever.

Oscar Sachs
Chief Executive Officer

What are we doing?

The Salesfloor technology platform connects web shoppers with associates, who drive their own sales and personalize the customer’s shopping experience like never before. We are rethinking the role of today’s salesperson and making every retail sales job a small business opportunity. Together with our partners and clients, we are changing the way people buy and how salespeople sell.

The Salesfloor Team has a proven track record of building innovative products and managing successful partnerships with major North American retailers. We are excited to make the Salesfloor platform a force for positive change for retailers, sales associates and shoppers by creating a new customer experience online.

By working closely with our retail partners and their talented teams, Salesfloor continues to innovate this cutting edge space which is driving tremendous results.

Ben Rodier
Chief Client Officer

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